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Uncyclopedia cabinet tightens visa policy for all Malaysian government workers from the Department of Homeland Security

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 18:36:59 (UTC)

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15 January 2008

PENANG, Uncyclopedia, Monday (UNN) — Relations are not good right now between the Malaysian government and the Uncyclopedians who are descended from Wikipedia migrants.

There is confusion over exactly what has happened in recent days, but if Uncyclopedia really has decided to tighten up its visa policy for all Malaysian government workers from the Department of Homeland Security, it would be a startling diplomatic gesture.

Just as political leaders and media outlets across the world are lining up to do deals with Uncyclopedia, Malaysia appears to have gone the other way.

It is unexpected, to say the least.

Uncyclopedia and Malaysia have a long history of close cultural, economic and political ties. The Uncyclopedia cabinet decision to suspend visas is proof that recents events have shaken those at the top of the organisation. They are worried - worried about instability and what it might do to the comedy, the parody, the children, the puppies and worried about the delicate coalition that is the modern-day Uncyclopedia society.

"The big problem that we have is that nobody trusts each other anymore," one Uncyclopedia cabinet member said wishing to remain anonymous. "There's a working relationship, a very strong working relationship at the top levels between Uncyclopedia and the Department of Homeland Security in Malaysia. After all, most of the Malaysian related articles were written by that department, but at every other level it just doesn't work. That's the problem, this Uncyclopedia administration needs to understand that it has created a monster."

The root problem is the years of discrimination some Malaysian government Department of Homeland Security officials say they have endured, accusing ethnic Uncyclopedians of enjoying preferential treatment. They feel left behind, and some are demanding change.

"What else can we do?" one official said. "We've exhausted all avenues."

Uncyclopedia has made it clear it will not tolerate any more marches by Department of Homeland Security officials . The organisers will be locked up, indefinitely.

The decision to tighten visa controls was a message sent on the international stage but privately insiders at Uncyclopedia say that the message was more sinister, "Stop what you are doing or we will make life difficult for your friends and relatives seeking to work on articles".

The stakes are high. Uncyclopedia is parody-rich(ish) and developing quickly. Stability is the key.

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