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Uncyclopedia VP seeks to meet Conservapedia challenge

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 16:07:59 (UTC)

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7 March 2007

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Uncyclopedia's new Einstein

SYDNEY, AustraliaUncyclopedia’s newly hired Executive Vice President of Strategery, Yahoo Serious has announced that the totally legitimate Wiki is ready to compete head on with the young upstart, Conservapedia, which was created to combat the universally agreed communist propaganda site, Something Awful.

Mr Serious then stated why the right winged Wiki was Uncyclopedia's chief rival. "Conservapedia, claims to be 'an online resource and meeting place where they favor Christianity and America' and are 'free of political correctness.' Well fuck that! We were the first politically incorrect, American Christian meeting place and online resource."

Serious then continued, "Look as an Aussie Pastafarian, I don't think anyone here understands the light hearted, fun loving, liberal value having, American Christians like me. These people want to be challenged in their ways of thinking. Sure Creationism made sense a few centuries ago, but they're progressive American Christians now, and they want to explore this cool, intelligent Evolutionary Theory. Hey maybe, some of the old crotchety writers of the Bible made some shit up. They're, Christians, free from this God is infallible politically correct bullshit."

When one Fox News reporter shouted that Serious was quite a ways off, Yahoo shouted back, "Oy! Am I the one who doesn't get it, mate? No one watches your bloody channel man. Everyone knows, FOX doesn't report the news it just makes up the stories to parody reality. Listen here bloke, no one wants to waste their time with that."

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