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Uncyclopedia Stays on Wikia

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 08:26:59 (UTC)

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9 January 2013


Wikia overlord Jimbo Wales with all the profits ever earned by Wikia off the sweat of the back of Uncyclopedia writers, administrators, and vandals.

Evil Wikia Headquarters, San Francisco USA - In a surprise move, a significant portion of Uncyclopedia seceded from the secession from Wikia this week. Uncyclopedia was, until this week, one of the largest and most active wikis on the planet. Dedicated to parodying itself, merging in-jokes, and pointless bickering, Uncyclopedia also produces satire on occasion. The new uncyclopedia-on-Wikia community, called UnFree Uncylopedia (UU), hopes to maintain the quality of content Uncyclopedia has become known for.

The non-move, consisting of several notable editors and vandals, was expected by many in the Uncyclopedia community. The reasons given for the non-move are varied, from ignorance of the move to creative differences to just plain disdain and self-loathing. Some have reacted against the reaction against Wikia's baby-orienated Content Warning label, its resulting hiding of Uncyclopedia'a site-traffic numbers, and its recent enforcement of rules against pornography (known as the Wikia pRon Act of 2012). Quoting one anonymous editor, "Wikia has apparently removed all the cocks and boobs. However, I'm perfectly able to get off to random nonnude fetish images and to some of the Hentai material. Wikia seems to have left them alone, so I really have no reason to leave."

Wikia seems intent on continuing to host uncyclopedia. Quoting one anonymous Wikia employee, "Wikia doesn't directly make money from uncyclopedia, as there are no ads on the English uncyclopedia and we hope there never will be, cross my heart and hope to die if there ever are. However, foreign language uncyclopedias are ad supported and ripe with profits. Therefore, if someone translates an article into, say, Spanish or Sudanese, and unlawfully uploads it under a different free license, we can make money from the ads on the translation. Last year alone, we made an estimated 76 cents from ad revenue from copyleft violations. By the time 2265 rolls around, we expect to earn enough to pay for our unforgiveable purchase of the uncyclopedia.org domain name."

UnFree Uncylopedia, however, does not seem very excited to keep Wikia as its webhost. According to one hack writer, "Like everyone here, we hate evil Wikia. However, we just assume that everyone on Uncyclopedia operates in bad faith, and worry that a new host site might be even worse. With Wikia we're well aware of what kind of corporate dickery we will be dealing with, and we've become accustomed to it, like a dog becomes accustomed to the beatings inflicted by its master. Like dogs, we lick Wikia's hand after it kicks us, and hope that they will reward us with a treat and rub our bellies raw. Also, Free Uncyclopedia will would be abbreviated (FU), and we detest the idea of writing on a wiki with silly initials."

When asked about his concern about foreign language Uncyclopedia's uploading translations of his work under a different Creative Commons, another writer was shocked, saying, "You mean there are languages other than English? All this time I thought Mexicans and other foreigners were muttering magic spells, curses, and other dark incantations. That gibberish is used to communicate?"

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