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Uncyclopedia.org held for ransom by Wikia pirates

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 14:37:59 (UTC)

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24 October 2008


Wikia could not be reached for a comment.

Internet: The National Uncyclopedia (NU) director Sannse was spotted at a hotel in Kabul and would not out right deny that a ransom payment had been made. Uncyclopedia’s spy chief on Sunday reacted ambiguously to foreign news reports alleging that Uncyclopedia had paid a hefty ransom to Wikia in exchange for the release of Uncyclopedia's domain.

"I can say that foreign media speculation about a ransom trade (involving Wikia) is wrong," said Sannse, instead of giving an outright denial.

The NU would later issue a press release hailing Sannse for helping release the hostage. "We always knew Wikia were a bunch a terrorists", says a supporter of Sannse.

Recently Uncyclopedia sold it's domain to Wikia for a "fair sum" which was a box of candy and some tissue. Many users have criticized the move and described it as Uncyclopedia "selling it's soul to the devil himself". The Uncyclopedian Staff tried to reassure the public that this would be a beneficial move because there would have been "advertisements" and "money trains".

No comment has been reached by the Staff about how incredibly wrong they were.

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