UnNews sues Wikinews for plagiarism

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Sunday, July 22, 2018, 12:40:59 (UTC)

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UnNews and Wikinews logos

Clearly, one was modeled after the other.

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WIKIA, The Internet ---------- News website UnNews is suing the more popular spoof news site Wikinews for plagiarising it's style. The lawsuit, first proposed by a disgruntled former Wikipedia bureaucrat, was secretly in the works for months, until recently. UnNews' hasn't revealed it's exact motivations for suing Wikinews, but insiders say UnNews is currently having financial problems.

If UnNews is successful, Wikinews will be forced to shut down completely and fire thousands of unpaid journalists. However, the President of Wikia, Jimmy Wales believes that there isn't any cause for alarm. In an open letter, he proudly stated, "If you strike us down, we shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." Whether this is to be interpreted as a counter-lawsuit on Wikia's part, or a wink to Wikia's nerd userbase to miss the next Star Wars convention and assemble a protest against UnNews is uncertain.

Wikinews staffers insists that the site is protected as a parody, but UnNews' junior editor-in-training, Spot LaPerra, disagrees with this assertion. "It can't possibly be a parody," LaPerra said in a written statement posted in one of the departments on the website. "I mean, where's the humor value? There isn't any laughs to be found at all. Sure, I like dry humor as much as the next person, but not that dry." LaPerra went on to criticized Wikinews' style. "Even if it were supposed to be a parody, it would come off as a very poor one indeed. The whole layout is completely disorganized, and the articles are a bore to look at. If they intended to immitate a fine, legitimate news source such as ours, they failed miserably."

UnNews' actions have met with a wide arrange of criticism. Internet legal scholar Norm "All your base" McConnell has called the act, "a dog chasing it's own tail", as both UnNews and Wikinews are owned by the same group of people, i.e. the Jews. Late-night talkshow host Carson Daley referenced the case during his 3 a.m. monologue on Friday. "You'd think these people would have better things to do than fight eachother over stupid crap," he said, "but then you remember these are wiki editors, and they never have sex." Not realizing this was Daley's hamfisted attempt at a joke, the audience didn't laugh. Like the aforementioned Spot LaPerra, they instinctively failed to find any humor value.

The case of UnNews v. Wikinews will be held in the Supreme Court of Wikiland on the 5th of May. Many legal experts predict the judge scheduled to preside over the case, Judge Robert Zimberg, a liberal judge who interprets the law loosely, will rule in favor of UnNews, and then probably meet them later to smoke a joint. Others believe he will rule in favor of Wikinews, since they have more potential bribery money, and Zimberg is currently low on "the green". The remaining majority don't give a shit.


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