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UnNews partners with "Niggers" baseball club

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 18:59:59 (UTC)

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29 July 2014

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Chief Wahoo's smiling face will grace electronic editions of the publication, widely read in the minority community.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On the heels of the deal struck between the Washington Times and the Redskins of American football, media giant UnNews announced a marketing partnership with baseball's Birmingham Niggers.

The Times is a right-wing newspaper in the capital, continually at odds with President Obama, making a partnership with the Redskins natural.

Obama, who in 2008 promised that Americans would remain free to build coal mines — they would merely go bankrupt — extended this policy in 2014, ruling that the Redskins could continue to use the politically incorrect name. Obama's libertarian administration did not jail the owners but merely cancelled their property.

Legal analysts say the action by the Patent and Trademark Office will not keep the Redskins from continuing to use the name, nor from suing anyone else who uses it, but merely force them to prove in court that it is a trademark, where before it could point to the big round ®. The additional legal cost, to be passed onto fans in higher ticket prices and partly kicked back to the Democratic Party, fulfills another Obama campaign promise: that Americans won't "see" a dime of new taxes.

UnNews promptly reached out to a comparable pariah, baseball's Niggers ball club. The unfashionable franchise, founded in 1898 by community organizer Nathan Bedford Forrest, is desperate for good publicity, as the legacy press routinely censors the club's public relations. UnNews, like the Times, will collaborate with the team on unique content offerings throughout the year providing compelling, timely and unique coverage, including a Niggers Weekend Game Guide. This will present unique editorial challenges, as opponents have refused to play scheduled games against the club for several decades. UnNews Editor-in-Chief Morris Greeley said, "It is surely a plum in our cap to partner with a storied franchise with a string of undefeated seasons."

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