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UnNews article nominates itself for highlight

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 08:21:59 (UTC)

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7 June 2007

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The article's best friend, Vote for me! (He has been hospitalized for months; the article is hoping to win some pity votes.)

UNCYCLOPEDIA:VFH -- A recent article from Uncyclopedia's UnNews sector, UnNews:UnNews article nominates itself for highlight, has been discovered and has nominated itself for highlight.

That is, the article was nominated by a user with the same name.

UnNews:UnNews article nominates itself for highlight has made several contributions in the past few minutes, all directly related to his campaign to make it to the front page. He originally wanted to add himself to Template:RecentUnNews, but then realized that the template was semiprotected.

The account was believed to be a sockpuppet; this was later confirmed on the article's talk page.

Of course I'm a sockpuppet! Do you think an idea this insane would be thought up by a n00b who would actually go to the trouble of making this their permanent username?

he was quoted as saying. However, he refused to identify himself.

The article believes its chances for actually making feature are negligible. "Most users won't like this sort of humor," said UnNews:UnNews article nominates itself for highlight. "Self-reference and injokes are getting old."

When asked how he hoped to avoid the requirement that all self-nominations be at least one week old and/or be reviewed first, he argued that he was not making a self-nomination. "Self-nominating is nominating something you wrote," defended the article. "I'm not doing that. I'm nominating myself."

Even if he doesn't make it onto the front page, UnNews:UnNews article nominates itself for highlight is optimistic. "I've served my purpose," he said after being told that he was likely to be Darwin'd by Bradaphraser. "I've nominated myself for highlight."

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