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Breaking news! Uncyclopedia needs a new mascot to display itself as an independent wiki! Here are the rules for sending a potential mascot to this page.

  1. The mascot must be either original or someone else's, only you gained permission for using the mascot. The mascot can't be ripped off from someone who owns the character, 'cause that's copyright infringement.
  2. The mascot must have a picture with a caption reading "Name: , Age: , Why I Want To Be Mascot: , Who Owns Me: , and Do I Have an Uncyclopedia Page Already?: ,"
  3. You may not know this, but Uncyclopedia needs only one mascot. You can send as many as you want, but out of all the other entries, only one will be mascot.
  4. Do not put your character on this section of the page. If you do, your entry will be rejected and you won't win.
  5. Once you send your entry, the Uncyclopedia admin, the workers, and I will judge your mascot based on whether or not it is suitable for Uncyclopedia.

But please hurry because the deadline for a mascot is September 8th. So get those mascots over here now!!!

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