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USA to be renamed Trump Nation

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Friday, March 16, 2018, 06:56:59 (UTC)

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10 November 2016


Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON, Trump City -- United States President-elect Donald Trump is ready to implement a "name change" for the country when he takes office next January. He said it would be a "bold and important step" to indicate that everything has changed following the presidential election.

Speaking to Uncyclopedia behind a triple locked door, Trump indicated that he had already given this a lot of thought.

"George Washington had our capital city named after him, and an entire state, to boot. I am so much greater than he is — I can't tell you how great, you'll see — that I ought to get naming rights to the entire nation. Trump Nation. Sounds catchy, doesn't it? Sounds real good. America First, Trump Firster."

Trump pointed out that Trump Nation will include the existing franchises Trump Towers, Trump University, and Trump Steaks.

Trump's proposal will be resisted by his political opponents (both Republican and Democrat) but is likely to receive an enthusiastic reception from supporters.

Trump did hold out a hand to his defeated rival Hillary Clinton. "I will rename a prison in her honor," he added. "And give her the first night in there. A honeymoon suite for her and her husband, with a shiny metal toilet. Barack Obama, on the other hand, I'll deport him to Kenya where he belongs."

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