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USA "Underwhelmed" by prospect of Beckham

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 09:54:59 (UTC)

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12 January 2007

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David beckham-mrp

"Sorry, Davis who?"

LOS ANGELES, NY -- News of the impending arrival of David Beckham to the shores of the USofA were greeted on the streets of Los Angeles with a distinct lack of any interest whatsoever, yesterday.

Truck driver Jack Sandblast echoed the sentiments of many, "Davis Buckhat; isn't she famous in Finland for wearing skirts or something? Well, good luck to the young lady.". Aspiring actor Hank Ward shrugged his shoulders at the news, "nope, absolutely no idea who this man is darling".

The concept of Association Football (or "soccer") is also an alien concept to the good folk of America, "so you can't pick the ball up unless you're a "goal stopper"? Jesus, that sounds a little complicated for me. And you say this ball is "round"!?!" said LA Galaxy head coach Giles Branflake this morning.

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