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UPN marks final broadcast with "classic" shows

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 10:47:59 (UTC)

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5 September 2006

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These letters can be rearranged to spell PUN... and also NUP... but that's probably not actually a real word. PUN is though, which is kind of cool.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Following the WB's recent announcement of special programming on its final night of broadcasting, UPN announced today that it would be marking its last night in a similar fashion, by rebroadcasting the pilot episodes of Mullets, Homeboys in Outer Space, and The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer.

"Those WB guys aren't the only ones with memorable shows," said UPN Spokesperson/Wunderkind Esel Stummer, "After all, we've had such unforgettable series as South Beach, Marker, and Shasta McNasty, not to mention my personal favourite Love Boat: The Next Wave."

UPN will air the pilots on Friday, 15 September, before signing off and ceasing operation.

The biggest challenge, according to Stummer, was narrowing the selection of shows to fit the 5-hour block of time they had available. "Of course, Homeboys and Desmond Pfeiffer were no-brainers, but how do you choose between shows like Platypus Man and Swift Justice?" Stummer added, "I can tell you, it wasn't easy."

This will be the first chance that viewers have have had to see these classic UPN shows, since their original broadcasts. "We were really surprised that no one had obtained the syndication rights yet, but that bit of good luck is what made this farewell special possible."

Because they were unable to procure advertisers for the special, UPN plans to include all of the commercials that ran when the shows were first broadcast.

"It actually makes things a lot easier, since we won't really have to do any editing," stated Stummer, "Besides, we think viewers will get a kick out of seeing what ads were like way back in 1995."

So far, none of UPN's 143 affiliate stations have agreed to air the final broadcast. "I admit, we didn't get the response we'd hoped for," Stummer said, in conclusion, "but we're still optimistic, and we feel sure that they'll get onboard as we get closer to the 15th. We're also looking into a possible DVD release."

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