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UNA finally dumps old dollar

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 05:33:59 (UTC)

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6 September 2007


SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- The Union of North America announced today that it will be making the final transition from the old U.S. Dollar to the new UNA Amero over the next several months. The UNA Treasury Department expects the transition to go smoothly, with nearly all of the old money being taken out of circulation between now and January, 2009.

"Legislation expected to be signed by the President next week will require all official UNA government transactions to be done exclusively in Ameros," said Richard Manrich, Secretary of the Treasury. "Thus far, the transition is going smoothly, and we don't expect any significant difficulties in the months ahead."

According to a New York Times poll of August 15th, consumers seem to be adapting quickly to the change in currency. An estimated 27 percent of all transactions in the UNA are now conducted in Ameros, with a growth rate of approximately 2 percent a month.

Manrich said, "The situation is very similar to when the Europeans adopted a new currency, although unlike North America, they retained their individual country constitutions."

The Treasury Department estimates that the government will save nearly Δ34 billion annually when the transition is finally complete.

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