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U.K. Home Office unveils the new Niqāb

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 09:48:59 (UTC)

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2 January 2008


Muslim women stand side by side outside No.10 Downing Street modeling the new Home Office approved Niqāb and the soon to be banned traditional version.

LONDON, United Kingdom -- The U.K. government has cited worsening community relations as the motivation behind their latest initiative unveiled today.

The U.K., a Christian country, second only to the Vatican in terms of church attendance has struggled in recent years with various fashion trends. Having partly-banned the 'hoodie' or hooded sweatshirt, the Hijab favoured by many young British men for reasons of modesty, privacy, and morality, the Home Office have now, quite literally, set their sights on the Niqāb.

Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith announced the plans after what is widely believed to be the most widely believed survey of public opinion on the announced plans of Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary.

Speaking to the press outside No.10 Downing Street Mrs Smith said

We appreciate that the veil has, over the years, become a symbol of Islamic self-assertion and a rejection of Western cultural hegemony as it clearly and completely unambiguously states is its purpose in the numerous sections of the Qur'an that deal with Hijab. We also appreciate that any moves by the Home Office with respect to the Niqāb may be regarded as patriarchal colonialism in the service of particular political ends. However, we need to balance this with the history of our country as the birth place of Jesus and it's Christian traditions. We also need to urgently address the issue of worsening community relations in a way that is sensitive to the concerns of all communities and traditions. We have tried to find a compromise that real English people will trust and feel comfortable seeing on the streets which also honours the Islamic traditions of Hijab and it's important role in preventing sexual assaults on women and young girls. I think everyone will be very happy with our solution.

Dog owners have expressed reservations.

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