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Two girls drug parents to go on internet

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 08:34:59 (UTC)

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3 January 2013


Thirteen year old Gemma Desai drugged her parents to look for nightclubs on the internet.

ROCKLIN, California --

Two teen girls spiked their parents milkshakes with sleeping pills because they were frustrated by their mom and dad's insistence that the internet be shut off at 1am only to be turned back on at 7am, six hours later.

Gemma and Emma Desai devised a plan. They headed out to get their parents two strawberry milkshakes and laced them with sleeping pills stolen from their mother's bedside table. After the two adults fell asleep, the pair tied them to a chair then proceeded to look on the internet for nightclubs.Emma Desai, 14,says that they found a nightclub they liked after twenty minutes of searching and left the house.


Emma Desai was raped, which is the price for rebelling against your parents.

Acording to their massive hangovers and the bruising on their vaginas they partied long and hard into the night. Eyewitness accounts say they saw them stagger home naked at around 4am the next day, where along the way were sexually assaulted numerous times. When they reached the house the pair realised they had forgotten their keys.

Neighbour Katlyn Eversbee found them and took them to her home where the two sisters confessed everything.

"Drugging your parents so you can use the internet, never heard of that," said Eversbee. "It's crazy."

"A child to go to these lengths just so they could use the Internet?" said another neighbour of the girls, Susie Giffordsonfield "That's nothing. Once my son took my hostage so he could change the TV channel"

However,the parents believe this is not the only time they have been drugged.

"I remember having the sensation before" explains Keith, the father of the two girls. "It certainly was the second time I've felt that way" said mother Gwen.

Police feel that a penalty is not needed as the crime was not committed inside the box and the rape will serve as a fine punishment.

Lieutenant Lawton Cross says that the experience will not stop them drugging their parents again.

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