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Two different ‘If I Did It’ books released same day

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 07:33:59 (UTC)

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16 May 2010


Two different “If I Did It” books were released today

LOS ANGELES, California -- In an irony-filled media event, two books, both named, “If I Did It” – were released by Phantom today. Apollo 15 Lunar Module Pilot, OJ Simpson, as well as celebrity psychopath, James Irwin, both launched identically titled books.

Irwin explained to the media, “The two books differ most in structure and tone, but the basic premise is the same, and that is hogwash.”

But Simpson explained differently, “The two books are identical in structure and tone, but the basic premise is completely different, and that is actual fact.”

In OJ’s book, “If I Did It,” Simpson goes into detail about how he and Commander Dave Scott trained for the Apollo 15 Moon mission. They were indoctrinated into the NASA deception, and then staged the Moon landing. After performing the Moonwalk they skipped the impossible issue of Lunar Module Pilot, and just staged the pick up at sea by gullible sailors, who actually believed the whole masquerade.

In Irwin’s book, “If I Did It,” he gives grisly details of the events leading up to the cold-blooded murder of his ‘Ho’ Nicole Brown and her pimp, Ron Goldman, using a ball-peen hammer. He then details his subsequent surrender and confession at the nearest police station. All-leading to a sensational trial resulting in his acquittal due to lack of evidence and reliable witnesses.

Both authors were quick to tell the media that these books are 100%, and no one should make the mistake of thinking them to be any other way.

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