Trump given a Russian bodyguard

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 01:10:59 (UTC)

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8 August 2018


President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Washington, D.C., USA -- United States President Donald Trump has been provided with a Russian security detail to prevent an assassination attempt by the Deep State.

Trump took delivery of ace markswoman Maria Butina after his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Trump had asked for a 'blonde bombshell' but instead was said to be 'delighted' to have Maria. Known as the 'red head raver from Russia', Maria has worked hard to fully integrate with life in America.


Protecting Trump's rump

I spoke to the National Rifle Association and they gave her the all clear. I of course don't really need anyone to protect me as I am the best shot in the country but it's nice to have Maria in case the FBI and CIA send their suicide bombers here like James Comey.

Maria has been a regular at NRA events promoting her own organisation 'Russian Second Amendment Supporters' (RSAS). When the fake news media at CNN reminded Trump that Maria was currently in prison awaiting to answer charges on working for the Russian secret service, the President grew angry.

Maria is a wonderful girl. All the charges are against her are lies. She's got my ass and I will have hers..when I grant her a pardon.

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