Trump blimp over London

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Friday, December 14, 2018, 20:20:59 (UTC)

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15 July 2018


Protecting London from its people.

LONDON, United Kingdom – Delirious, sun roasted patriotic Britons celebrated the arrival of USA President Donald Trump by floating a blimp welcoming the Commander in Chief.

The fierce looking balloon - designed to prevent the aerial threat from the European Union - was inflated to 'ward off danger'. The first one was floated in Westminster Square, with the plan to line the White Cliffs of Dover with thousands more of these blimps. The balloons have been filled with Trump's special gas called 'Lyingagainium', a maverick but stable compound manufactured at Koch Brothers industries.

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson welcomed their deployment.


How we last beat the European Union. British Gas.

"We all remember those great barrage balloons in the Second World War, I know I have watched all the movietone newsreels of the time. They saved London from an even greater bombing than she got. These Trump balloons will do the same and stop Angela Heinkel's BMW powered aircraft getting through and destroying our Great British Marmalade factories.

Though some have taken 'offence' at the balloons as they show Trump in diapers, Johnson said this was an example of 'supportive British humour' for the United States president.

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