Trump-Bunny for 2020

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Monday, December 10, 2018, 23:02:59 (UTC)

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6 April 2018


Trump-Bunny 2020.

Washington D.C., USA -- Donald Trump has confirmed that he has chosen the Easter Bunny as his 2020 USA presidential running mate. He made the announcement after finding a missing Easter egg on the White House lawn.

The move to replace the current Vice President Mike Pence was after Trump's advisors (Ivanka, Jarred and Barron) told 'Dad' that he didn't need Pence anymore. They said the Evangelicals would vote for him even if he stood outside Congress and take a leak.

"My wonderful family told me this would help me in 2020. Mr Bunny would be perfect as the Vice President. I have my base in the bag, adding the Easter Bunny to the ticket will help win a few tree huggers in some swing states. I told Pence this morning he was out, I will just post the tweet once we finish here."

Since the Easter Bunny is always in disguise, the identity of the man (or woman) in the costume will be shared out amongst the Trump family.

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