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Truck crashes through downtown Toronto

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 16:18:59 (UTC)

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13 September 2006

TORONTO, CANADA - During a high-speed chase in downtown Toronto, a postal truck crashed its way through construction sites and flower gardens. At the end of the chase, the truck suddenly sank beneath a roadway Friday morning after the pavement gave way into a large sink hole.

The driver is safe, suffering from sudden fright. Doctors say that sudden fright syndrome may be fatal if not treated properly. The driver may be released from medical care in a week. The truck went down so quickly that the driver was forced to jump out about seven feet as the rear end of his vehicle crashed through and made its way to the underground sewer system.

"He was very frightened, and distressed, eh," said a police officer at the scene shortly after the accident. "It sank quite rapidly in the beginning and it is actually continuing to sink. Take a look for yourself, its pretty cool, eh"

Engineers had to wait more than 12-hours to give approval to tow the truck out. "From what we can tell there isn't a broken water main at this location," city engineer Maurizio Barbon said. "You know, its Toronto this sort of thing just happens from time to time."

Engineers described a hole similar in size to a small backyard swimming pool. They are also considering that the rapid increase of high-speed chases involving police cars and postal vehicles may be the cause of Toronto's increasing sink hole problem.

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