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Tintin Book in "Racism Row"

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Friday, February 23, 2018, 12:48:59 (UTC)

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12 July 2007

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Ironic racist image #122

LONDON, England -- A HIGH STREET BOOKSHOP chain is moving an edition of children's favourite Tintin to its adult section following a complaint of racism. In a typically pathetic knee jerk reaction The Commission For Racial Equality had called on the Borders chain to pull Tintin "And the Dirty Demon Whitey Pigs" from its shelves.

It said the illustrated book - which has been the subject of controversy for years - had the potential to offend many people. A spokeswoman said: "This book contains imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice, where the majority of white characters look like pigs and talk like a bunch of stuck up Hooray Henrys!"

"How and why do Borders think that it's okay to peddle such racist material? Some of the depiction of White Europeans in this publication are nothing short of incitement to revolution!"

"In one page an English gentleman is pictured wearing a bowler hat, vigorously buggering a housemaid whilst doing the Times Crossword". The assumption that all English men wear such apparel atop their head is a staggeringly bigotted message to convey to our children."

A spokesman for the store was unrepentant, "well in my experience most caucasian people are stuck up their own arse, this is not racist but a statement of fact. I mean, look at the likes of Hugh Grant and Jeremy Clarkson, both white, and both arses."

"I rest my case."

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