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Monday, July 16, 2018, 04:46:59 (UTC)

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21 August 2008

This is not very funny. In fact, it's not funny at all. If you clicked on the headline hoping to read something funny, I'm sorry. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sorry, because I warned you. In fact, you should apologize to me for making me feel guilty and apologizing in the first place. See? Not very funny at all. In fact, you're probably a bit annoyed by now, but you won't click away because you want to see where I'm going with this. Well, the fact is, I'm not going anywhere unless Zim decides so. I'm a webpage. It's up to you to leave. Oh, you mean where am I going with this idea? Well, I'm going to an unfunny place and guess what? I've just arrived. Welcome to an unfunny story.


An unfunny picture and caption.

You have probably read "This is an UnNews". If you haven't, it is a pretty funny article. If you are looking for something funny, you should read that. If you have read it already, you are likely saying "Isn't this a rip-off of that?" Some would say "Fuck off" to you <insert name here>. I agree with those who would say that. It's not very funny to be told to fuck off, but this is not a very funny UnNews. You might argue this shouldn't be in the UnNews section because it doesn't have UnNewsy things like quotes. Well, and I quote, "Fuck off".

There's not much more to say. If you have refused to believe that this is not a funny article by now, then you are either a world-class skeptic or of very low intelligence – possibly in the Bush-Quayle stratum.

Well, I am finished. Still here? Still looking for something funny? I'm afraid I can't help you. If you have now been here so long that you would like more unfunny things to read, click here [1]. Otherwise, "Fuck off".

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