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' We are gathered here today to commemorate the brave wiki's who fought for our right to make stupid articles and piss people off. It all started just before the evil Wikipedian empire was created at the time trillions of wiki's were living in peace and harmony. but after many years of peace and unregulated articles the wikipedian empire came into being and orded the complete removal of all wiki's exept its own, it claimed that other wikis were inferiour to its own and all shall accept its rule. for a time this was true but as its rules got harsher and hasher the other wiki's banded together to form the UNified wiki's and enCYCLOPEDIA's or UNCYCLOPEDIA for short. At last they were strong enough to challange wikipedias evil empire as the battles raged on billions died and none shall forget the great battle of conserveapedia in which most of the uncyclopedian wikis died but just as things looked their worst a ray of hope broke through the clouds of wikicide lo and behold there was chuck norris leading an army of ninjas with his most benificent pressence he brought the dead wiki's to life once more and with a cry the uncyclopedians with chuck norris and his army of ninjas at the helm sprang into battle and slaughtered the evil wikipedian empires forces and that is why we celebrate the 12th of August'

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