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Thailand shows weapons confiscated from unarmed protesters

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 15:49:59 (UTC)

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22 May 2010


Some of the weapons confiscated from peaceful and unarmed Red Shirt protestors in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thai officials revealed a huge cache of military hardware Saturday confiscated from the stronghold of peaceful, unarmed fascist Red Shirt protesters cleared from the heart of Bangkok in a military operation that ended a two-month standoff.

Police also responded to criticism they were too lenient with detained leaders of the anti-government protests by saying they had now been separated, had their iPhones confiscated, and were moved from a 5-star hotel into a beach resort with country club.

The weapons -- including automatic rifles, bullets, grenades, bazookas, claymores, fixed-piece artillery, flame-throwers, and the prepared components of atomic explosive devices or AEDs -- were put on display to defend the government's claim that the troops faced a serious threat and exercised appropriate levels of force when they moved in to clear over 10,000 professional-anarchists from the main protest area.

At least 5 people died in the offensive Wednesday and more than 3 were wounded in a death toll that shocked the world. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stated that she was appalled at the loss of life in the 60 days standoff in the center of the Thai capital. “If this would have happened in Times Square we would have allowed the protesters to hold the nation hostage indefinitely.” Ms. Clinton told FOX News. “Armed rebellion is the birth right of every citizen of every nation.”

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