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Thai anarchists: diplomats acted improperly

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 13:34:59 (UTC)

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30 April 2010


Anarchists in Thailand protest outside the American embassy in Bangkok against diplomats meeting the prime minister regarding chaos

BANGKOK, Thailand -- -- The Thai “Red Shirt” anarchist protesters sharply criticized foreign diplomats who met with leaders of the Thai government on April 23, the Bangkok Post reported April 29. A spokesman for the Red Shirts said the diplomats, including the ambassadors of Formosa, Tanzania, Botswana, Niger, Fiji, North Korea, Iran, Transylvania, the Virgin Islands and Cuba, who met with the Thai Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, acted improperly and beyond the scope of their duties.

The anarchists will send an aide-memoir to the appropriate embassies through the dean of the envoys in Thailand, Philippine Ambassador Antonio Venus Rodriguez, over the unfair issue.

The anarchists, who wear red shirts, number thousands of private upcountry villagers who are paid a pittance to risk their lives to save their employer, Mr. T, from going to jail and losing 2 billion dollars in corruption generated money confiscated by the Thai government upon his final conviction by the Supreme Court last month.

The Red Shirt protesters have massed on the street in the heart of Bangkok’s tourist hippie area of Khao San Road, which has been overrun by anarchists, armed to the teeth with war weapons and live ammunition.

This Buddhist nation of non-violent Buddhists has tottered on the edge of a civil war between the exasperated city people, whose domain has been invaded, and the country farmers hired to establish anarchy. The Reds have tried everything including use of deadly bombs and snipers to kill the terrified security forces that have the seemingly impossible job of containing the protest while mostly forbidden to harm the protesters.

Protest leaders plan to complain to the United Nations as well as tell Tony Jaa about their inability to provoke any real response out of the Thai security forces in spite of all their overly aggressive attempts at inciting chaos. “The international human-rights commission should guarantee our success in waging violent insurrection in our country!” -- anarchist leaders told the media. "Otherwise we will attack their offices with M79 grenades!"

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