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Terrorists endorse Nancy Pelosi

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 00:38:59 (UTC)

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6 April 2007

Nancy Pelosi was today endorsed by the terrorists today. She was seen today in a Burqa while travelling the entire Middle East as she echoed the terrorists sentiments. The terrorists expressed a desire for Nancy Pelosi to head a delegation to oversee the surrender of the US as well. One of the terrorists actually said that, since under Islam, women ARE property and have NO rights, that he'll marry her, so that he can be the new Caliph of the US. She reacted by stating that IF the Democrats will NOT be executed for promoting things contrary to Islam, she'll marry the guy. President Bush stated that," The Democrats are 'full of `it if they think that the US will give up.". Nancy Pelosi charged that the President and the Republicans are just bitching about partisan issues.

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