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Talented boy discovered in Beirut

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 09:20:59 (UTC)

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19 February 2009

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This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.
Kid ak47

Hamid practicing his favorite school hobby.

Beirut - Lebanon — 6 years old Hamid from west Beirut was the center of attention this morning as his school officials told his parents and the press about his talent as a sharpshooter. According to his superiors Hamid is not only excellent in putting together an AK47 but has been showing signs of excellent shooting skills at distances over 20 meters (65 feet) with a good precision.

Hamid's parents said they were proud of their son, Mahmoud, Hamid's father, also noted that he hasn't seen that talent in any of his other 12 sons.

Mr. Ahmed, a school teacher of Arabic, Maths, basic combat training and AK47 level 2 stated that he prays Hamid keeps developing that talent and hopefully he will make his parents proud by becoming a martyr before a long time, the parents were overjoyed by the teacher's good wishes and repeated "may God hear your prayers" as the teacher wished Hamid a glorious martyrdom. Other teachers also noted that Hamid has been getting excellent grades in other courses, too notably in grenades class and basic RPG training.

Hamid, the 6 years old talent, said that he does put extra effort in shooting class to make his parents proud and to be able to die in for the cause and go to heaven where the virgins are, when asked about the cause he'd die for he responded "THE cause".

Upon publication of the article the family received congratulations from officials in Hezbollah promising that they will be enlisting Hamid in their special forces if he survives to be 12 years old, the parents had joyful tears in their eyes.

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UnNews correspondent in Beirut, Lebanon.

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