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Takata management inappropriately calm

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 21:08:59 (UTC)

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30 November 2014

Max Headroom

Shigehisa Takada, shown here, granted UnNews a videoconference but was inexplicably not forthcoming.

TOKYO, Japan -- The third-generation management of Takata Corporation, the maker of "live-grenade" air bags, shows shockingly little sense of crisis, according to three sources. This is a worrisome trend which, if it continues, could make it impossible to sell newspapers, book broadcast advertising, and achieve click-throughs from websites to male enhancement products.

Just five days before a Star Chamber appointment with Congress, Shigehisa Takada claimed the problem was a mere manufacturing process and he was personally dealing with it. He said the company had improved the propellant and now just had to replace suspect products as quickly as possible. "He acts like this is going to blow by in due time," said an associate, who declined to be named in view of his back-stabbing.

Takada's remarks suggest he is unaware of the need to string it out into a weeks-long soap opera with frequent videos of children cut by flying shards of metal, and of decapitated dolls dripping doll blood. Takada's nonchalance has also frustrated U.S. politicians, at a time when voters have spoken with rare clarity and both parties need a distraction to avoid obeying them.

Takada apologized at a shareholders' meeting in June — but it was closed to the media, which was rendered unable to ask why Takada did not commit hara-kiri, as Japanese losers often do. "He's a nice man, but he doesn't view this as a crisis spiraling out of control," griped an UnNews Senior Editor.

Takada is the son of a hands-on, take-charge executive, making his calm demeanor inscrutable, according to one associate who wished to remain anonymous rather than be revealed as a gossip. What's more, Takada is surrounded by family members with outlandish nicknames and strange idiosyncracies.

His mother Akiko is vocal as a special adviser to the company. "In a business situation, she tries to impose her way," said a business associate who does not want to state a name to which to attach his grumbling. "Imagine being her son and having her buzzing around you," the person continued. "He's paralyzed to make decisions on his own."

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Takada recently "was yelled at by his mother and went missing. Nobody knows where he went. He came back after a few hours," said one person in the know, who would not give his name either. Takada, questioned by this reporter, would not discuss the incident nor speculate on how the company could have been led smoothly if the world chose those "few hours" to end.

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