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TZOD: Earth Hour (The Time Zone of Death) strikes again!

Every time you think, you weaken the nation —Moe Howard

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 06:28:59 (UTC)

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28 March 2009


If you've seen this in your city or town, you are doomed.

It has come once again. Earth Hour, a.k.a. The Time Zone of Death, has begun its deadly rampage across the globe as every city and town on Earth descends into darkness and gets robbed by mysterious thieves with night-vision goggles.
We at UnNews, a team of experienced reporters stationed all across the globe with their cursors pointed on Google News and Twitter, will bring to you live the latest up-to-the-microsecond reports on this epic global cataclysm as it happens - and all on a Saturday.
Especially for Americans who may not know about countries outside of America, only at UnNews can you experience the twists and terror of Earth Hour as local time 8:30 P.M. sweeps across the world, each country making their screams of agony heard - as it happens, right here, on UnNews.

ORCLAND, New Zealand -- As unfortunate as it is to be the country placed at the edge of the world, New Zealand has always been the one to experience global catastrophes first, including the terrible Y2K episode where the country got sucked into a timewarp and wound up in Middlevil times, which incidentally boosted its tourism industry.

Now, the city is in ruins. Smoke rises from the East, and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard, seeking the local council.

"As Mayor, you are charged with the defense of this city! Where are New Zealand's policemen?" he proclaimed with battle wounds and a limp (for somebody stole his staff). "If memory serves, you were the one who supported this Earth Hour thing, and now we cannot go back! We shall forever be bound to reliving this defeat year after year unless we take our stand!"

Gandalf has a point, but the question remains, who is responsible for this Time Zone of Death debacle? And can it be stopped? UnNews will bring you more on this terrible and ongoing event as it comes.

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Worldwide crime rate quadruples during Earth Hour

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