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TV's "Boston Legal" to merge with "Night Court"

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 12:50:59 (UTC)

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14 June 2007

Rampage bull Night Court copy

Richard Moll does not want to return as Bull.

LOS ANGELES, California -- The television world was stunned Wednesday when Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley and Night Court creator Reinhold Weege announced that they would be merging their two legal shows together at a press conference. "We are very excited to do this project," Weege said. "You know, it was hard to get the Night Court rights from NBC, since Boston Legal is an ABC program.

Kelley responded with, "I was always a big fan of Weege's long-running sitcom. I always told my mom that I wanted to shave my head and become a bailiff, and that's when my mom sent me to the nut house."

The show will start completely fresh, as opposed to follow the previous seasons of either show. Harry Anderson, John Larroquette, and Markie Post have already signed on, but they are having problems getting Richard Moll, who played bald bailiff Bull Shannon, to join the cast. "Richard Moll doesn't want to shave his head again," Weege said. "Oh, well, if he won't do it, let's hope Britney Spears or Jack Nicholson is available."

Spears was cast as the character in the upcoming 2008 film version of Night Court, but was admitted to rehab and was replaced by Jack Nicholson, who was more than willing to shave his head. "Jack's got a big movie career, so he probably won't do it."

Moll apparently isn't happy about revisiting his iconic character, and he responded to the phone call he got from Weege by going on yet another rampage, this time in the streets of Los Angeles. No charges were filed.

It is unclear whether the show will be called Boston Legal, Night Court, or any variation thereof. But this new hybrid show will air Tuesday nights on ABC.

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