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Supreme Court strikes ban on violent children’s games

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 19:14:59 (UTC)

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30 June 2011


Supreme Court rules in favor of violent children's games which take extreme cruelty, vulgar language and sexual perversion to a new level for toddlers

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Some games are clearly too violent for minors. But is it legal to ban them? Apparently not. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California law banning violent games for minors, a ruling that could profoundly affect the multi-billion dollar kiddy-violence industry.

Originally California wanted to prohibit violent game playing for anyone under 10 years old. But federal judges have declared that the law violates First Amendment children's playing rights.

“Violent games, such as the immensely popular, ‘Crazed Human Cock Fighting,’ ‘Snuff or Bluff,’ ‘Crown Prince Does Nepal,’ ‘Zombie Apocalypse,’ and ‘Rape the Bitch,’ qualify for First Amendment protection,” the opinion, written by Judge Bilderberg, stated. “Just like cage fighting and snuff films, which communicate horrible ideas to children, must be protected from censorship.”

The decision continued, “The Department of Homeland Security wishes to uphold the rights of children to play violent and sadistic games, as protected by the American Constitution.

“Today’s decision acknowledges the value and foresight of our founding fathers who drafted the Constitution,” the statement continued. “We also recognize the Federal Trade Commission’s positive assessment of children’s right to violence, and also the latest research showing that parents overwhelmingly encourage their pre-teen kids to play extremely violent death and destruction games.”

The decision went on, “In striking this law the Court has made clear that violent games effectively empower children to be prepared for the coming police state of the New World Order. Children trained in violence and cruelty will be the ideal enforcers of the One World Government - especially in the matter of forcing acceptance on parents through violence and intimidation, which includes reporting uncooperative parents to the globalist authorities.”

FEMA has already reported that over 46 million American kids have at least one parent to punish or report to authorities for re-indoctrination into the new form of global fascism.

“Violent and cruel games play an important part in children's training for the future,” The Court concluded.

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