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Sudan holds British teacher for "having fun" with her pupils

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 02:03:59 (UTC)

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27 November 2007



A BRITISH TEACHER in Sudan on Monday faced death "by vigorous stonings and/or beheadings" as she languished in police custody accused of allowing young children "have frivolous and un-godly fun" whilst learning. It is thought that parents complained after their children regularly returned home "full of beans and happiness". One father demanded the teacher be beheaded after his own son expressed "enthusiasm for learning" and that he "looked forward to school every day"


"orf with her head!"

"School is not supposed to be fun!" Muhamed Shattah (pictured left) yelled manically to unnews this morning, "it should be a place of terror and fear for our children. This infidel should be killed immediately for instilling such eager happiness into our children."

Sudanese police arrested the teacher in Khartoum on Sunday after parents complained that she allowed six-year-old boys and girls at an expensive English school to engage in lessons that "did not contain the imminent threat of a severe lashing but instead shamelessly injected humour and fun into all aspects of their learning experiences.".

The Sudanese Media Centre, a news agency close to the country's intelligence servives, said that the school will likely also be burnt to the ground, with the children inside. Sudanese police commissioner Fwahanana Ghwahnana was unsympathetic to the Briton's plight, "Islamic Sharia law is most specifics in having enjoyments and the big laughings. In all aspects of life enjoymentings and such fun are big no no, yes?"

"After all, what would Jesus say?"

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