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Store accused of racism

A newsstand that's brimming with issues

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 19:39:59 (UTC)

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22 February 2011


White reaching out to local African Americans.

SPRINGFIELD, Kansas -- The equal rights group POOR (People Out to Obliterate Racism) is looking at the business practices of White's Only Foodliner, located at the corner of Second and Main. Concerns originally arose over the store's 73 year old name. "Our name is White. This is our only store. What else can we call it?" says a White family representative.

Martin L. White, 55, is CEO and night manager of White's Only Foodliner. Times have been tough for the Whites and Martin admits to feeling the pressure." I'd be more than happy if one of them (an African American) came into our store," says White. "We have things they like, from what I'm told. Fried chicken, Eggos, Kool Aid....We also accept food stamps." White was asked if any attempts had been made to reach out to local African Americans. "I thought about approaching one a few times, but they tend to be in groups. That makes me a little nervous," replied White. The store is considering a promotion called "Cash Back For Blacks." "We would offer rebates on their favorite items. We have great prices on menthol cigarettes."

Local African Americans show little concern about the store's situation. "We couldn't care less about White's. We go to the Piggly Wiggly."

Jesse Jackson White and Malcolm Xavier White opened White's Only Foodliner in April, 1937. The two brothers distributed crackers rationed by the U.S. government during the Depression. They profited from selling things that go well with crackers. While the original brothers are long gone, the store remains White owned and operated.

The White family and their store are still under investigation.

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