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Stevie Wonder confesses affair with Michelle

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 21:18:59 (UTC)

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12 January 2017


Isn't she lovely. Well, isn't she?

NEW YORK CITY -- Michelle Obama was left teary-eyed after Stevie Wonder revealed a steamy affair with the outgoing First Lady on television. “I love you Michelle,” the music legend crooned, before singing one of his hit songs, but changing the words especially for her.

Live on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, Wonder’s song, “Ebony and Ebony”, told of how he and the First Lady often co-habited together in “perfect harmony”, and how she likes to sit next to him at his piano keyboard, before he would say to her: “oh, Lord, why don’t we…”, leaving imaginative viewers with no doubt they were soon to be tearing each other’s clothes off.

Describing how both uber-celebrities take comfort from each other in times of loneliness — a trapping of high fame — Wonder, now in full flow of openness and divulgence, revealed to a stunned audience: “We all know, that people are the same where ever you go,” clearly drawing comparisons to fallen international high-profile megastars, Tiger Woods and Usher.

The Superstar went on to justify the decision to get tied up in an extra-marital affair, by saying that there was good and bad, in everyone… but they have learned to live, and learned to give each other what they needed to survive — together alive.

Following Wonder's revealing words, he joined Fallon and Mrs Obama on the couch. Taking Mrs Obama’s hand, Wonder said: “I'm holding the First Lady's hand, don't tell the President but I'm holding the First Lady's hand.” Clearly, somebody was going to be in serious trouble for not telling Wonder he was on TV.

An emotional Mrs Obama said: “I feel like crying right now, it has been surprisingly emotional for me in ways I did not expect. This democracy is not about party, it’s about partying.” She also offered her support to the Trump family over Donald's ongoing sex tapes scandal: “I'm available to Melania, so she get through this healthy, much as eight years ago, Laura Bush said “welcome to the jungle”, teaching me how she successfully managed her secret affair with Slash from Guns and Roses.

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