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Staff taken to hospital in "bottom-pump gas" scare

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 17:58:59 (UTC)

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31 October 2007


Some people think farting is funny, but not this man

Staff at The O2 building - formerly the Millennium Dome - have been taken to hospital after inhaling a toxic cloud of "fart" gas. It appears that the company laid on a free "curried yak" dinner for 200 employees as part of a "Discovering Diversity Through Curry" training course. Unfortunately they were unaware of the dishes infamous after effects on the human digestive system.

"I think they can count our selves very, very lucky that nobody died", Dr Herriarss, a professor in flatulence chemistry, said this morning, "such exotic dishes, curried yak in particular, should be consumed with great care. To allow 200 people to eat the dish at once within a largely unventilated building was a very foolish thing to do. God forbid if they had drunk some beer with the meal I'm sure we would be looking at a number of deaths now."

More than 30 workers were treated for extensive "farty gas sickness" after the methane based gas cloud leaked from the digestive tracts of those that had earlier eaten the curried yak. Within two hours of the lunch gas levels in the building had increased to near lethal levels and only a prompt evacuation stopped the incident from escalating to a full scale disaster.

10 people are still listed as critical as it is reported that they may have "had seconds".

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