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St.Joseph school,Bangalore

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Friday, March 16, 2018, 22:41:59 (UTC)

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  • Shashank "[www.josephitesuckmycock.com ]". [[wikipedia:|]], 1000 99,082 A.D


[[Category:Things T

St. Joseph's Boys' High School located on Museum Road in Bengaluru, India is a famous school among gays. It is approx 90 years old school. First this school was located in fraser town.People did not like the gay priest -Joseph ,so they kicked all the homo`s to museum road so tat the students can watch the gay guys in d bangalore museum.It is filled wit abnormal and has very few famous people as its old gays. The school building has recently been reconstructed. The principal of this school once created a record by fuckin n raping all the josephites. Due to pressure created by the principal the school building became unfit for further anal sex and had to be reconstructed. This project which started a few years ago systematically demolished wings of the original aging building. The school now plans to admit lesbians in the school. It has planned to introduce a new system wer they will provide free dildos to all the josephites. The motto of this school is "kiss,suck,fuck".


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