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Spring Training brings best of Weather Changing Experts

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14 February 2011


Let's go baby! Yeah!

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Today begins spring training, an annual ritual that delights every American.

And so, preliminary crews for 15 teams of extremely highly paid meteorologists arrived today in Scottsdale to get the weather back into shape for the new season. In anticipation, thousands of fans have purchased hundreds of thousands of tickets for the events that are held every year around this time, and many of them are looking to score the signatures of some of the most famous meteorologists including Sunni Skies, Rainey Daez, and Prince Fielder. These are just some of the big names that have been hired year after year to train this year's spring.

Traditionally, Spring Training is held slightly further into the year, but as Bud Selig, commissioner of season training, commented, "Recently the weather has taken longer and longer to get up to speed. We may need another week this year to get winter warmed up and started coming around to spring, but I believe that spring will get whipped into shape just around March 21st."

This common occurrence has attracted more attention than usual when summer was changed to fall late last year, starting in San Francisco, where fall hasn't begun before. Eyes are also turning to Florida, where the other 15 teams of meteorologist are helping heat up the atmosphere. Philadelphia in particular, who will be attending the event in Florida, has picked up an exceptional meteorologist that many are watching intently.

Although whichever team ends up changing winter into spring has no effect on the regular season (or summer), it is a prime time for meteorologists to fine tune their green screens and prediction software.

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