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The Spartans are happy to establish their next blood-lusting films after the international success by King Leonidas, who won an Oscar for Best Actor of the film, 300. After that, some other Spartans nominated their films for the next Spartan Emmy. Oscar Wilde has honored Leonidas, Kratos, and Master Chief for their work for next projects. Kratos, the famed God of War, has decided to direct and star in the next God of War film. The Nominations were God of War, Ten Ways to Kill a Persian, Spartan Raiders of the Battle of Los Angeles, Halo, Troy: Menelaus Wants to Kill the Fuck Out of Paris, Godzilla Joins the Spartans and Spartans vs. Grues. Other Spartans comes to the Red Carpet after a few nominations. Queen Gorgo expressed her feelings in such nomination for 300 last year.


Leonidas introducing himself to other stars.

However, King Xerxes of Persia nominated his film, The Traitor of Sparta, which was controversial because it depicted the hunchback spastic dude telling the pass of Thermopylae, and it was directed by the Prince of Persia which was entered in the Spartan Golden Raspberry Awards. This cause another war between Persia and Sparta on each side which involved spear tossing and using Spartan Lasers. Then both sides were yelling PERSIAAAAAAAAAA!!! on the Persian side and Persia!? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!! on Sparta's respectively. The Spartans in MJOLNIR armor arrested the Persians for disruption before a Persian yells 'This Is Madness!!'. Then Kratos shoves his Blades of Chaos into the Messenger for saying that.


Kratos is nominated for his God of War films

To the dismay of Spartan Peoples, David Wenham was asked to host the awards ceremony by the aformentioned films. Troy: Menelaus Wants to Kill the Fuck Out of Paris was awared for Best Special effects, whereas God of War won the award for 'Best Gore Scene in the entire film'. However, Halo and Spartans vs. Grues both tied in Best Actor and Best Killing Scene. Godzilla Joins the Spartans won for Best Picture. The Spartans now express their next Emmy and Oscar in the late 2009.

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IMDB for God of War
IMDB profile for Halo

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