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22 October 2006

Ken Kutagari responds to another critic of Sony's new Deth-ray recording technology.

SAKAMUGIKENDO, Japan -- Ken Kutagari, President of Sony announced that the new PLAYSTATION 3 would be using the new Deth-ray recording technology. "This new recording technology will help eliminate software and movie piracy world wide by simply using the same blue-violent death ray optical beam used to read the data disc to vaporised anyone who inserted illegally copied discs into any Sony Deth-ray based product." When asked if this would be painful, he replied with "Extremely, as we have said all along, the PLAYSTATION 3 is an extreme product, with extreme controllers and extreme prices."

Sony has released a large number of Deth-ray enabled PS3s to a number of gaming industry journalists, but so far none have been available for comment.

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