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Some US Liberals seem to hate Sarah Palin greatly

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Saturday, February 17, 2018, 10:52:59 (UTC)

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24 September 2008

North America, USA, New York, Colbert Nation


Shame shame on the liberals doing Sarah Palin smears!

Hello America I am Stephen Colbert reporting for UnNews, and I cannot hear you American liberals over the sound of how awesome I am, as my DNA is digitized and sent into space to save humanity. But I did hear your most recent liberal smears.

It seems like liberal smears are in season again as US Presidential election year comes up. Al Franken smeared John McCain on SNL which led to other liberals who want to smear Sarah Palin so badly.

We don't know why some liberals seem to hate her so much, after all they wanted a Female President or Vice President candidate so badly, and now they have one in Sarah Palin, but avoiding all logic they now hate her? Even Feminists hate her, they consider her to be George W. Bush in drag, we don't know why? Sarah Palin looks more like Tina Fey than George W. Bush in drag by my opinion. While she lacks experience, like Barack Obama she claims like him she has good judgment. Could it be her Pro-Life position, could it be she is against gun control, could it be she is a Fundamentalist Christian, could it be she likes using guns but not just small guns but large guns? She also likes to hunt, and play hockey, and is a capitalist, never a communist or socialist.

College sarah palin

Sarah Palin at age 18 in college, as a member of the Young Republicans as most Hippie Chicks are flat busted at that age.

Need I remind you that some liberals in the group Anonymous hacked her email account in protest of her support of the Patriot Act causing them an invasion of privacy? What part of hypocrisy don't they understand? They accuse her of invading their privacy but nobody knows who they are, but instead they invade her privacy? They call me a moron for supporting Sarah Palin, but who is the real moron here? At least I am not going to federal prison, Anonymous, don't drop the soap in the showers, guys.

Sarah Slaylin

Sarah Palin is a strong, independent, good looking, middle-class, young, professional, woman, who also knows how to handle a military assault rifle, don't mess with her!

Could it be that most Hippie chicks are flat busted and not so good looking as her? Matt Damon was claiming she said dinosaurs existed 4000 years ago as creatures of Satan and proof of creationism and intelligent design? Did she really say such things, or did she say it as a joke and was really trolling liberals? Are these really facts or just more personal attacks? Liberal Hockey Moms launched their own smears: "Hockey Moms for the Truth" smeared Sarah Palin for not being a good Hockey Mom. Claiming she doesn't know the difference between icing and offsides, claim that Sarah Palin isn't even a hockey mom because only one of her sons plays hockey and she doesn't take turns driving the car pool for hockey games as often as she was supposed to because she is too busy being a Governor or some other BS job that nobody cares about.

Sarah Palin is a strong, independent, good looking, middle-class, young, professional, woman who is also a mother and was governor during her pregnancy of a downs syndrome baby she decided not to abort but take the challenge of raising up. Somehow liberals seem to think that was the wrong thing to do, and the wrong characteristics to have for a vice president or president candidate. That instead she should be weak, a sockpuppet for her political party, homely, wealthy, elder, more experienced, had at least one abortion so she wouldn't have to take responsibility for a birth defect like downs syndrome and be more like them instead of the neocons. How dare she break stereotypes of what a female leader should be?

Sarah Palin scares some liberals who make misogynistic jokes about her other liberals claim Sarah Palin is a stupid woman and make even more misogynistic jokes about her but while these liberal news anchors launch smear after smear against Sarah Palin, the joke is now on them as some of them got fired for being too biased as HTBFANJS clearly shows that bias is no substitute for humor. This reporter, Stephen Colbert is not biased, but as fair and balanced as Fox News, Conservapedia, and many other conservatives are fair and balanced. We do not use bias, we instead report on the bias of others. There is a big difference between us Conservative anchors and Liberal anchors, and now you know the other side of the story.

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