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Society of Odd Nomenclature formed

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Sunday, May 1, 2016, 16:01:59 (UTC)

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28 August 2008

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GARDEN GROVE, California. After a long discussion with himself in the car on the way over to a certain coffee shoppe that shall remain nameless, a perpetual college student has started the very first Chapter of the Society Of Odd Nomenclature, or "S.O.O.N." for short. Ryan has place himself in the position of Treasurer, Secretary, and President ("El Jeffe", or "El Presidente" to you, bub!). Kyle's notes:

  • First order of business: Where the hell did the name "Humperdink" come from?
  • Second order of business: Who's the joker who named 'em "Sperm Whales"?
  • Third order of business: Medication names. 'Call 'em what they do for ya'. Like "Poopsalot". Or it's antagonist, "Anti-Poopsalot". Or "Vagaitchastop". Etc.

Further assessment data must be gathered for the next meeting. Today's meeting was adjourned as "House Bunny" starts in 15 minutes. Write to Unnews for complete transcripts.

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