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So called "British test" allowing in 15 foreigners a second!

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 18:42:59 (UTC)

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22 January 2008


Some Bulgarians revising for the test this morning, "So, you say that this "Winston Churchill" fellow was NOT a black rastafarian?"

BRITAIN IS WEEKS FROM being overrun by immigrants after the Daily Mail learnt that a so called entrance test of "Britishness" is exposed as a sham and a mockery. It seems that as many as 2000 foreigners are passing the test every day and are allowed into the country to potentially "steal and rape our women".

Whilst the foreign hordes are regularly scoring 90% or more on the test a straw poll of White British Hetero-sexual Middle Class men found that the top score was just 23%. What that says about the state of this decaying nation is any ones guess but one thing is for sure, unless something is done before long we'll all be speaking bloody Welsh!

Here are some of the ludicrous questions that is sending this "once great" nation up shit alley without a cheap prostitute:

1. What is the punishment for shooting a Welshman on a Sunday

2. True or False: King Herod III was a merry old soul, was he?

3. How many policemen does it take to shoot an innocent Mexican plumber?

4. Which statement is correct?

a) You are a sponging foreign bastard, or
b) You are a fucking parasite on the lifeblood of this nation.

5. What is the minimum time you must be married before you can kill your wife

6. What should you do if you run over a mother and child in your uninsured vehicle

a)sue the family for the damage to your car as stipulated under the human rights act, or
b) pedal to the metal SHARPISH LIKE, as stipulated is your right under the human rights act!

7. Britain is famous for its love of animals. In law under what circumstances can a dog owner legally sick their dog onto a small child.

(answers on page 34)

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