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Snakes in a Car filming goes bad

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 23:37:59 (UTC)

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19 November 2006

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Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia -- It appears not everyone has been happy with the filming of Snakes on a Car, the thriller/comedy sequel to the resoundingly innovative, successful and thought provoking Snakes on a Plane.

The film has been undergoing extensive, erm, filming, in the Northern Territory of Australia, known for its wild snakes that are freely available for filming (when not being used to deliver the post).

Unfortunately, police were not informed of the filming.

The incident occurred during an innovative "Swerving car and screaming" scene, where there is a snake in the car which causes the driver to start screaming and swerving along the road. The road had been cleared for 200km either way, but the police had suspected it would be another drag race exceeding the speed-limit of the Northern Territories roads (infinity).

Unsuspecting, the driver was chased by police. When given a breath test, undoubtedly the poor actor, who had taken alcohol to play the part of a car swerver, exceeded the limit of "he's stone drunk mate" (0.98% blood alcohol level), the maximum allowed for Australian driving. When asked to step out of his vehicle;

"This flaming snake just jumped righ' out at me," stated Dale Howe, the uniformed policed officer (underpants or stubby shorts are also acceptable instead of the standard issue tightywighties, gun, hat and beer-can) who had arrested the actor.

"I was so startled; I thought it was of them stingrays again, and went dunny right in me uniform."

Later, the police officer was the joke of the town, for screaming at a harmless death-adder-black-brown-ritualistic snake, one of the more harmless in the region, with only a 95% chance of death by its venom.

The charges laid were later dropped. But the offending snake is still at large, and being chased. It was last seen driving a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, heading to the outback.

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