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Sinbad killed; no one cares

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 07:40:59 (UTC)

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17 March 2007

Wikipedia, Internet-- Actor and "comedian" Sinbad was killed late Wednesday night in what many are describing as "something they didn't even know had happened." Sinbad's real name was Sin Bad, although everyone started leaving out the space to save time. He got the name from his parents, who both hated him very much and wanted to make sure he never forgot it as long as he lived, which turned out to be only 50 years.

Sinbad's "career" relied heavily on his standup performances. Over time, as he became more experienced and more comfortable in the comedic environment, he gained the title "Worst Comedian Ever" and has since moved on to acting horribly in two movies, which won't be named here because you haven't seen them.

Sinbad's death occurred without warning, as most deaths that arn't done by evil villians do. Few were shocked, however, as most believed Sinbad was already dead, much like his career at this point. Some even went as far as to question whether in fact he had defied the laws of science and died twice, much like Jesus only with less pomp. IP address promptly edited Sinbad's wikipedia page[[1]] to display his death, which spurred 5 or 6 people to text and/or email the dead Sinbad. When questioned as to why they would text or email a dead person who is not a zombie and therefore incapable of response, the answer was generally a group of sounds strung together and then the person would drool, sometimes for 2 to 3 minutes.

A telephone call for Sinbad asking how he was handling the death was not immediately returned Friday night.

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