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16 March 2007


The prime suspect in this incident.

Sinbad, the worst comedian of all time, narrowly escaped death today. Authorities in Florida said that he was beaten up and kidnapped by Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales in the predawn hours. Lying unconscious and placed in the back of Jimmy's red pickup truck where he dumped the body into St. John's River. Jimmy thought Sinbad was no more and he didn't have to worry about him telling anymore bad jokes. He could also put his death across Wikipedia and other important news' wires...

...He was wrong.

Around two o'clock in the afternoon, a passerby spotted the dazed comedian coming out of the riverbed. The person gave Sinbad a ride to the hospital where here's safely recovering in poor condition. Authorities advise people to watch out for Jimmy Wales and to contact authorities for any sigthings. Authorities also have an outstanding warrants for him too. Rumors presist that Jimmy Wales has fled to Cuba.

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