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UnNews is a great place for satirical and comedic takes on real news... or a place to pull patented nonsense out of your... *ahem* grass. What if you want to write a column or an editorial? That's already covered. But what if you want to write a more specific editorial/blog about the shit that pissing you off as of late, something topical, big, or just darnright peeve-worthy? You're shit out of luck, right? Negative. Shit That Pisses Me Off (or STPMO for short) is here to help.

Unlike UnNews, STPMO allows you to to use your article as a soapbox to channel your anger. Or you could, as an alternative, write one as a celebrity and how they would write a STPMO article, and what's pissing them off. Really, anything goes, so long as you read HTBFANJS and follow all the rules.

edit Editing an existing article

This is a wiki, not the Bible. Any user can freely edit articles. You can korekt gawdoffle spilleng n tiepoze correct godawful spelling and typos, correct facts (unless inaccuracy is part of the joke, which it usually is). For now, do not edit an existing article until you understand why it was written. It is not enough that your contributions be funny or prove a point! They must support the intended comedy effect or message of the original article.

edit Examples

Did you know...
That more than one person can have the same shit pissing them off.

If you're bitching about why Hatchet II was pulled from theaters, ranting that Michael Keaton was a better Batman than Christian Bale will seem out of place. If you're ranting about the job President Obama is doing, it would be best not to mention aliens, Avatar, baseball, Your mom's homemade cookies, or Halloween II (2009). If you call Obama an alien, it might be funny, but might not benefit the article.

We at STPMO more than welcome multiple articles about the same pet peeve, news, current event, etc. -- even if they contradict each other.

Rather than pull a funny article in a different humor direction, write your own STPMO article, and take it whatever direction you please. Try it, it's fun!

When Hatchet II was pulled from theaters without explanation, STPMO creator PF4Eva wrote the inaugural STPMO about the incident based on support for unrated horror and artistic freedom and taking a stand against censorship. He humourously depicted the president of the MPAA as Hitler. Another author might write a related article about why the film should have been pulled. You can't pull an article in every which direction, so multiple articles is the solution.

edit Creating a new article

Sam Jackson snakes

I've had it with this muthafucking swearing in this muthafucking article!

What crawled up your ass and died? Find out what it is and write about it. But how do you write about it and make it funny?

  • Swearing is fucking optional. Be like George Carlin and try to use swearing to prove a fucking point. Try not to go overboard with it, though.
  • Be as liberal and left-wing as possible, unless you're trying to write an article in the style of a Republican or conservative, in which case, remember that God hates gays.
  • Make your article appeal to a wide audience, like a G, PG, or PG-13 movie.
  • If you're not finished, don't save it in the UnNews:Shit That Pisses Me Off - mainspace. Instead, save it to your userpage (user:Whatever your username is/UnNews:Shit That Pisses Me Off - article name) until you are finished. When you are, simply move the page to UnNews:Shit That Pisses Me Off - article name.
  • Sources are optional. If you're basing your Shit on a current event, citing sources is very helpful. Most people don't watch or read the news 24/7, so they might not be up on the latest news in the world. If you're pulling a rabbit out of your hat, then you need not worry about sources, you can simply add the {{Original}} template.
UnNews Logo Potato
This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.

These tips will help to make the article more bloggy and read like a professional editorial:

  • Use the {{Title}} template to change the page heading to begin with Shit That Pisses Me Off - (Automatic)
  • Start the article with the {{[[Template:UnNews Editorial|UnNews Editorial}} or {{UnNews Column}} templates (whichever you prefer) instead of the {{News}} template. (Automatic)
  • Follow it with the STPMO logo (Automatic)
  • Optional: Follow that with the {{ColumnistInfo}} template, which is a consistent way to provide the identity, and thumbnail photo, of the person in whose name you are writing.
  • Cite any sources or add the {{Original}} template.

Anything goes, really. This is an ignorable policy, so feel free to ignore it at your own risk, and have fun.

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