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Sharia law introduced to Britain

Where man always bites dog

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 10:20:59 (UTC)

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22 April 2016


President Barack Obama bows and scrapes to another Muslim tyrant.

WINDSOR CASTLE, United Kingdom -- USA President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bowed deeply to Britain's first Muslim ruler, Queen Elizabeth II. The British queen, 90 on April 22, delighted Britain's large Muslim community and the rules of Knightsbridge and Harrods by publicly 'coming out' for the Islamic faith. The Queen has also confirmed that her becoming a Muslim will involve the circumcision of Prince Charles and Prince William. By comparison, Prince George will get a Prince Albert.

The British Queen's surprise decision was put down to a genuine 'change of faith' and not a sign she had lost the family marbles. The conversion was announced to coincide with Obama's visit to the United Kingdom.

"We have decided to change Britain from a boring, fusty and decaying Anglican country to a hip, trendy, Islamic one," announced the Queen to Obama. "As a Muslim yourself, you will understand this. I will also tell my prime minister and go on the BBC to make this a more formal decision. There is no constitutional bar to a Muslim becoming this country's monarch, it's just we don't let Catholics reach the throne, or we'd all end up kissing Pope Francis's feet and that is very unhygienic."

Though there have been calls for the Queen to 'retire', 'call it a day' and 'make David Attenborough president', this is the first time a reigning British monarch has changed his or her religious identity since King Charles II confessed on his deathbed that he had been a secret Catholic.

So far, other members of the royal family have declined to criticise the Queen, though others think it is a late April Fool's joke and was the Duke of Edinburgh's idea. He has often been overheard calling the Queen his 'Chief Wife'. However others close to the British royal family say the 'old girl' may have finally lost it.

Obama had given more widely covered remarks urging that Britain remain in the European Union, and also mentioned to the Queen that he had some swell ideas for re-drawing the Scottish border apart from Hadrian's Wall, calling Hadrian a 'dead white man' who was probably a 'gun nut'. He said he was so grateful for the Queen's conversion that, on returning to the USA, he would search the closet for that old bust of Winston Churchill and put it back on display in the Oval Office — even if it leads to a 'cluttered look' nestled between all the Harlem Globetrotters bobblehead dolls now on that shelf.

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