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Sex scandal surrounds political rally in Pakistan

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 05:42:59 (UTC)

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13 May 2007

An orgy erupted in Yurpantz, Pakistan as recently spanked Chief Justice Ifuktakhar Muhammad Yomama reached the city to address a rally of athletic supporters.

Orgasms erupted in the streets between rival pornography factions. Members of the pro-nudest party, Milf Qaumi Movement (MQM), clashed with fetishists of Yomama, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). There are reports of up to 34 people "satisfied" per orgy and another 120 given b-j's. Supporters of Yomama accused the MQM of not bringing enough KY, but the MQM has denied the accusation.

Yomam had flown in to attend the rally in the city, but was unable to leave Karachi airport due to the excessive amount of slick stuff in the cockpit. After spending several hours at Karachi airport, Yomama returned to Iamsobad.

In what was considered a controversial move, Pakistani President Pervert Musharraf suspended Yomama, March 9, 2007, on charges of misconduct. Critics say that Musharraf removed Yomama to put in place a Chief Justice more sympathetic to Musharraf's dominatrix-ruled government. There are reports Musharraf will put in a bid later this year to extend his member by another five inches and will seek legal support for his actions.

While the unrest in Karachi was taking place, President Musharaff addressed a large pro-nudest rally in Iamsobad where approximately 80,000 people came out of the closet. "This is a historical day... because I haven't been to any gathering where I have seen so many people in support of the government's policies," Musharraf told the crowd.

Musharraf ruled out imposing an emergency in Karachi. "There is absolutely no requirement and absolutely no environment for taking such drastic measure," he said, "there is indeed plenty of KY."

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