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Sense of humour losing traction says survey

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 03:04:59 (UTC)

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6 September 2017


Prince Diana is again more popular than Ricky Gervais

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom -- A "sense of humour" has been described as an unnecessary and "frivolous" luxury in a survey published today by the Chambers of Mirth. The inability of dry and/or witty remarks to stop North Korea shooting missiles over Japan airspace is seen as the latest example of the impotence of humour to materially affect world-affairs.

In the United States, comedians presenting talk shows on too late for people to watch have been growing increasingly frustrated, that despite their continual humorous labeling of President Trump as angry, racist and illiterate, his angry, racist and illiterate voting base refuse to condemn him. Jimmy Fallon, the elected leader of YouTube clips spoke for the bare minimum of people to qualify as everyone stating: "The day by which making people who think exactly the same as you laugh having any effect on world politics is well and truly over."

The disappointing survey results come just ten years after the controversial introduction of "banter", brought in to modernise a sagging culture of laughter. There was some initial success when bullying was effectively eradicated by all abusive or hurtful comments being automatically reclassified as "just banter mate". This new humour initiative quickly lost traction due to an over-reliance on the Twatt Community to do the legwork.

No area is suffering more than the humble internet dating profile. Such has the currency of the sense of humour been devalued, it is now on average rated lower than "looks", "salary", "number of eyes" and "favourite swan".

Twenty-something single woman Lucy Bedfollow from Birmingham (UK and US) described how her generation are shunning potential partners who can make them laugh for those with large penises: "Some people say size doesn't matter," she said today, "but most of them have really small vaginas."

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