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Senator Rick Santorum works it for gay rights

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 13:51:59 (UTC)

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24 December 2009

Rick santorum leather

Senator Rick Santorum (retired) in his cowboy regalia, just before being crowned 2005 "Prettiest Closeted Republican"

LEES FERRY, Virgina -- Retired Senator Rick Santorum has gone on tour with "The Gayest Rodeo Ever" musical, dance and rodeo troupe, in an effort to promote awareness that, "gays, lesbians, and transgendered people are as diverse as anyone else. We have jobs, families, and engage in sports, just like most folks," said the senator at a press conference assembled for the companys launch of their first tour.

"We're going to hit all the Midwestern towns that count, and we'll be working it for gay rights," said Minerva Twomey, talent director for the rodeo show. "The hope is, that families will come out and enjoy a musical rodeo event that showcases the varied talents of our troupe. We want America to know we're Americans too."

Santorum will be doing a rodeo/dance number, featuring Trigger the Unicorn. His act is a mix of song, dance, and trick pony riding, and is a variation of the same act Santorum used to perform for children visiting the Capitol building.

After the conclusion of the show, an after party for adults will be hosted by the Walt Disney corporation. It is expected that the senator will be stripping for $1,000 checks, made out to his the tour groups management company, Gayest Rodeo Ventures.

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