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Seal Team 6 jokes all the rage on Twitter

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 04:37:59 (UTC)

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26 May 2011


Seal Team 6 believes in killing first and asking questions after

WORLD WIDE WEB, Twitterland -- Ever since their successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, the US Navy’s Seal Team 6, deemed to be the most elite fighting outfit in the American military, has become the subject of, you guessed it, “Seal Team 6” jokes, which are all the rage on the social media service Twitter.

Noticing this social phenomena, UnNews has collected a random sampling of some of this new genre of humor. “Seal Team 6” jokes.

For example...

  • Seal Team 6 is what happens when a moveable object meets an unstoppable force.
  • Night Vision Goggles are totally useless without Seal Team 6.
  • Seal Team 6 does NOT know who you are either.
  • Seal Team 6 lands choppers for shit.
  • Super-human misery suffers from a "Seal Team 6 complex."
  • They are called "Seal Team 6" because 96% (9+6=15 & 1+5=6) of applicants drop out within 6 minutes of day one.
  • Seal Team 6 is never taught that they are maggots.
  • Awesome is so Seal Team 6 that's it's unbelievable.
  • Seal Team 6 believes that a dead enemy is easier to interrogate.
  • Wives of terrorists have nightmares about Seal Team 6.
  • Seal Team 6 must run while carrying a boat 2000 miles before breakfast.
  • Seal Team 6 doesn’t use toilet paper, they use terrorists wrapped in barbed wire.
  • Seal Team 6 is to combat what Godzilla is to lizards.
  • Seal Team 6 blood is worth on average one million dollars per drop - dead or alive – in training costs.
  • God is the 7th member of Seal Team 6.
  • Predator Drones are jealous of Seal Team 6.
  • You are not truly fucked unless Seal Team 6 says so.
  • Seal Team 6 once granted an audience to Pope John Paul I. Once.
  • Rambo flunked out of Seal Team 6 in his prime.
  • More men claim falsely to be former Seal Team 6 members than those who don't.
  • There is absolutely no cure if you are infected by Seal Team 6.
  • Whatever Seal Team 6 doesn’t kill only makes them stronger.
  • Porn actors have Seal Team 6 videos on their PCs.

We hope you enjoyed these jokes, which are just a small sampling of the newest rage in Social Media since the downfall of Rebecca Black’s viral bomb, Friday, when Seal Team 6 was ordered to neutralize her for good.

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